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I’m a former pediatric nurse turned full-time soccer momma/wife. And I’m a writer of stories, trying to circumvent the monotonous parts of the day to make time to explore my voice. Sadly, I rarely watch TV anymore. But that’s okay; writing is more important. Yet, more vital to me, is living fully in the moment with family and friends, because ultimately, that’s what story is all about: life. And you gotta live it if you’re gonna write about it. Right?

Writing came back to me in an unexpected way, with perfect timing. Many summers ago, I went through a period of uncertainty, seeking answers to life and its meaning—my meaning. I guess you could say it was my mid-life awakening. One evening, after watching my oldest daughter create in abandon, peacefully writing and drawing for hours, an idea whispered from somewhere deep within: You could write! So, I did. I snowballed my love of reading into writing. My daughter became my first “fan,” listening patiently to those first few attempts. To this day, her steadfast belief keeps me going. I honor her by keeping that same childlike confidence alive in my writing. And I do my best to encourage others.

I’m a member of James River Writers. And while I’m thankful to have such a large writerly resource nearby, it wasn’t enough. There is a special comfort that comes from small groups and spaces. Therefore, a few years back, I started a local writing group for women. I don’t call myself their leader. I’m just the founder and facilitator, because it’s a fellowship. And what my sister members probably don’t realize, is that with each meeting, workshop, or individual success, I become a better writer because of them.

This blog is merely an instrument, used sporadically, to evaluate my thoughts on writing. I also want to share my failures and achievements—if they come, but most importantly, the optimism to continue forward in spite of both. And if I never find society’s definition of success in writing, that’s okay, for I’ve gained something more lasting and indelible within me. I found my meaning.

Current Writing Projects:

SKY is an upper middle-grade novel that deals with bullying and suicide. It’s written in diary form by a twelve-year-old girl, Sky Jeffers, while she contemplates the challenging burden of living.

There are also steady themes of love and forgiveness, but ultimately this is a novel of hope. As with most of my writing, SKY came to me out of a place of not understanding unjust and/or unimaginable actions. What I want to see come forth from the story’s reading, is compassion for others. SKY is at the completed manuscript stage, currently seeking representation.

I have other novels in various stages of percolation, including an intriguing Sci-Fi novella (those prone to arachnophobia may wish to avoid), a YA fantasy novel that creates a play on words; and a hodgepodge of poems, short stories, and flash fiction.


Flash Frontier, Birds: November 2016: “Pecking Order”


Silver Birch Press “Starting to Ride” Series (May/June 2016), “Don’t Let Go” 


Eye to the Telescope, “Prepare Her”


Nailpolish Stories, “Pep Plum”

I’d already lost my soul to Queen Reina. So when my precious prince held my plum-colored heart out for the court to judge, I capitulated.     https://nailpolishstories.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/april-2016/

2015 Publications:

“Knowing Now” via Flash Frontier, November 2015


“Naming Fate” is Paper Swans Press’s October 2015 flash fiction contest winner:


“Night Sounds” micro-fiction story in 101 words via 101words.org:


“The Key” micro fifty-word fiction piece via fiftywordstories.com:


“Change” micro-fiction published online via 101words.org:


“Dream On” 25-word story for Nailpolish Stories, A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal:

Dust dances above the corn tassels. Breathless: I wait. Brakes squeak, rusty metal opens. Grinning, Mailman Bob slides a thick envelope into my box. Breathe!  https://nailpolishstories.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/october-2015/

2014 Publication:

“Shame” poem via The Voices Project:


2013 Publication:

Second Place Winner in WOW’s Spring 2013 Flash Fiction Contest: “Revolution”






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  1. Hey!! Just wanted you to know that I read your 101 word story and loved it!! In just those few words, I had a vivid picture those folks and could relate to their feelings. You’re doing a fine job in your writing. Keep up the good work!!
    Best Wishes,

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