The End!!!


This is my completed rough draft of, SKY, an upper-middle grade novel about a young-teen girl contemplating the burden of living, in a world that is not too kind.

Well, it is sort of “the end,” as I’ve completed my first novel-length rough draft!  Yay! And, high-five super duper yay!!! I’ll admit I’ve been smugly smiling to myself the last couple of days with this accomplishment bubbling inside.  🙂

stock-vector-colorful-vector-runner-silhouette-background-with-butterflies-152366162It is emphatically wonderful to announce this news, especially since I slowed my writing pace towards the very end of the story.  There was a vague sense of uncertainty plaguing me, despite knowing the ending and what needed to be written, there was an unexplainable fear to cross the marathon’s finish line.  Thankfully,  I pushed past that  foggy fear and made it to the other side of completion.


stock-vector-vector-illustration-of-transparency-of-start-and-finish-in-cartoon-style-158473007 Humbly, I begin another long marathon*.  Now my task at hand will be to transcribe my handwritten draft into computer files.  This step will not be nearly as exciting, or free flowing  as creating the story, and thus I anticipate many grumpy moments ahead at the laptop.   However, I’m equally impatient for the editing and rewriting/realigning to begin.   I’m not sure if this is a realistic goal or not, but I hope to have all of this accomplished, and a completed 1st/2nd draft by July 1st, so that I can rest the draft, and my memory of the story for a couple of months before nitpicking the heck out of it when my kids return to school.

*I suppose I should clarify that analogy and say half-marathon, for my book is an upper middle grade novel of roughly 45-50K words in length.


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