Everything is awesome…

Seriously, the new Lego Movie theme song has been continuously looping through my head for the last day.   YIKES!  So, here I am riding in on that awesomeness wave of optimism to reconnect with my blog.

Alas, lonely little Blog, I’ve been neglectful for far too long.  (Wow,  exactly 100 days to be precise!)

I’m happy to report that even though my blog has been void of words, my writing has not.  I didn’t finish November as a first-time,  National-Novel-Writing-Month(NaNoWriMo) “winner*,” but I did finish the month with a solid, and completed outline and well over 15,000 words “carved” into my current project, SKY, which currently stands at around 27K in words.


My “Wonder-Mom” Lego keychain figure…

My 2014 writing goal is/was to write everyday, and for the most part I’ve been following through and connecting in some tangible way with writing everyday.   There are a few poems that I’ve been fiddling around with,  that desperately need a lot more thought and time.  I’ve even come up with the very great, yet very naïvely awesome idea to submit to  Writers of the Future (http://www.writersofthefuture.com/) at some point during the year.

In January, I submitted two, equally “awesome” flash-fiction pieces.  So far, I’ve received one rejection, but no word on the other yet, so I’m hopefully and totally awesomely stoked either way.   Why?  Because it means two important things: I’m writing and I’m trying!!!  In the end that’s all I can do–try and put myself out there.


How’s the writing year going for you so far?  Awesome, yet?  There’s still time!!!

P.S. I know I used an awful lot of adverbs in this blog post, but really inserting the word “awesome” just seems to require heavy usage of LY-words.  🙂

*I’ll post more on this in October, if I can remember to do so. 😉



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