Fight the Fear

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I took that sage advice today. I spent the morning and afternoon at a writer’s workshop. Although I’d attended a similar event a while back, and enjoyed it, I was in a nervous frenzy, having ongoing debates to cancel. Turn back, go home! These thoughts also seemed ridiculous, considering I’d stayed up past midnight waiting for the online registration to open weeks ago.

My angst was stemming from the workshop’s description: a writing workout to “tap into memories for inspiration.” That last bit had subconsciously echoed through my thoughts all week, causing my heart to race. Belly to flutter. The fear of disclosure petrified me. I’m an introvert, peacefully quiet and shy. Reticent. It takes a lot to reveal my own deep thoughts aloud. So much easier on paper! How could I possibly open up to a room full of strangers in such an intimate way?

Thankfully, through positive thoughts and fear-pulverizing quotes, I pushed through the week and didn’t cancel. I’m happy to report that I even arrived for the workshop on time, with a full two minutes to spare. And, as is often the case, reality never measures up to expectations.

I loved the writing workout workshop! The teacher was excellent. The prompts were varied and didn’t necessarily need to originate from one’s own memory. Best of all, there was no forced sharing or reading required. Perhaps, this is why I felt comfortable enough to read aloud. A little piece of flash fiction. When it was all said and done, I’d spent over three total hours writing. My hand ached, while my mind was numb, as I drove home. I was content. And I’d conquered the day.


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